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Hi, everyone, it’s Patrice. Since this is my first blog, I want to start at the beginning; looking back twenty years, to a day when my life changed dramatically. This significant moment began a journey, which ultimately led to my writing about women of the Bible (more on that later) and this blog.

After reading my story, I’d love to hear from you; perhaps share a moment of truth from your life.

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Do you ever take online quizzes or the ones in the magazines?

You know the quizzes I mean:

– what animal are you most like?

– if I were ice cream what flavor would I be?

– which “Friends” or “Disney” character are you most like?

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Have you ever noticed how we go all out at Christmas and not so much for Easter?  This year it has been on my mind, and frankly, I am little ashamed of myself. Where’s the joy?

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