Author: Patrice

WoW: Eternal Perspective

Welcome to our Word of the Week Meditation. Each week we analyze a word by examining it through the lens of Scripture. Questions or suggested studies prompt thoughtful reflection. Keep a journal handy to log notes to refer to later.


Definition: Living our life with a focus on the future kingdom. Knowing heaven is real and forever while life on earth is fleeting.

Synonyms: Forever, Infinite, Never-ending

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Hi, everyone. I am posting midweek because of an email I received from a friend about surviving Hurricane Irma. The letter reminds us how God is at work, even during difficult times.

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#2 Bible Overview

Genesis Chapters 1 – 11

The first eleven chapters of Genesis describe the creation of the heavens and earth. Creating light, sky, water, land, sea, vegetation, sun, moon, stars, and all living creatures (which includes man) in six days was quite a feat!

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