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Welcome to the Women Seeking Christ Blog

Welcome to the Women Seeking Christ blog. We are dedicated to sharing the stories of the women of the Bible as examples and mentors, providing emotional healing and spiritual growth. Here, you can read the latest posts from author Patrice Van Dyke.

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WHAT DOES CHASING AFTER GOD MEAN? Chasing after God requires fervent prayer, desiring Him most in life, and meditating on God's glory and greatness.  To help you pray like this, I am offering a free ebook with some nontraditional ways to spend time with Jesus. Check...

Moving On

Hi, everyone, it’s Patrice. Since this is my first blog, I want to start at the beginning; looking back twenty years, to a day when my life changed dramatically. This significant moment began a journey, which ultimately led to my writing about women of the Bible (more...

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I know Thanksgiving is a time to focus on thankfulness and not an ungrateful heart, however, this time of year reminds me how ungrateful I am the remainder of the year. Study these Biblical women to help guide you to a more appreciative mindset all the time.

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Halloween is always associated with scary days. In fact we enjoy scaring ourselves. But what about real fear? It is not as much fun. Learn how to manage your fear by following the lead of some women of the Bible.

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Never Forget runs through my mind as I watch the events in Afghanistan unfold this week. This catchphrase associated with 9/11 struck me knowing these developments are repercussions from that tragic day in 2001.

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