Children's Devotionals

A Walk through the Bible

Welcome to A Walk through the Bible, a children’s devotion series. Genesis is the starting point and one step (or devotion) at a time our journey ends with Revelation. Being a long-distance grandma, I print and mail a copy to my grandchild; then we schedule face time or a Skype meeting; thus spending quality time together discussing our faith. Not only do I share my beliefs with a special person in my life, but we develop a friendship and create lasting memories. The first section provides an overview of a book of the Bible. The second half facilitates a discussion by asking questions about a particular topic and corresponding verse.

Child’s Devotion

No devotions during the last two weeks of December. We will resume in January. However, I am still posting my blog. Take a look at them. There are some ideas on keeping Jesus in your holiday! Merry Christmas!

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