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Children’s Devotional

A Walk through the Bible

Welcome to A Walk through the Bible, a children’s devotional series. Genesis is the starting point and one step (or devotion) at a time our journey ends with Revelation.

Our children’s devotional materials are available online and for download. The first section provides an overview of a book of the Bible. The second half facilitates a discussion by asking questions about a particular topic and corresponding verse.

Being a long-distance grandma, I print and mail a copy to my grandchild; then we schedule face time or a Skype meeting; thus spending quality time together discussing our faith. Not only do I share my beliefs with a special person in my life, but we develop a friendship and create lasting memories.

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#8 Bible Overview


 Quick overview of what we learned in Exodus:

God sent Moses to Egypt to rescue the Israelites from slavery.
God parted the Red Sea and the people walked on dry land to safety.
Twelve spies went into Canaan (the land God promised to the Israelites)
Joshua and Caleb (two of the spies) trusted God and wanted to conquer the land.
The other ten spies convinced the Israelites that the Canaanites were too powerful to
God was angry at the people’s lack of belief, so instead of moving into the Promised
Land, the people wandered in the desert.
Even though the people disobeyed, God took care of them in the desert.
After 40 years of wandering, the generation that didn’t obey God died off. Now their
children and grandchildren were ready to conquer the land God promised to them.
Because of their trust in God, Joshua and Caleb were the only two people living from the older generation. God allowed them to enter the Promised Land.

Moses is dead, and Joshua is the Israelites’ new leader. God tells Joshua it is time to take the land promised to the Israelites. As long as they obey, God will not let them fail.

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#7 Bible Overview


Just to review, in the first part of Exodus we learned about a time when Israelites were slaves in Egypt. Moses was born into slavery at a time when the Pharaoh (leader of Egypt) ordered the death of newborn Israelite boys. His mother saved him by planning a way that encouraged Pharaoh’s daughter to adopt Moses. So he grew up in the royal palace. When he was an adult he saw how terribly his birth people (Israelites) were treated and he killed a slave master for beating an Israelite. When Pharaoh found out that Moses had killed an Egyptian he wanted to kill Moses.

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#6 Bible Overview

Exodus Chapters 1 – 14

Mystery, murder, and miracles make the book of Exodus exciting. In the beginning, we find the Hebrew people (descendants of Abraham) enslaved by the Egyptians. Why weren’t they in Canaan, where their ancestor Abraham settled? Just like many disasters, sin is at the root.  A quick review:

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