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Moving On

Hi, everyone, it’s Patrice. Since this is my first blog, I want to start at the beginning; looking back twenty years, to a day when my life changed dramatically. This significant moment began a journey, which ultimately led to my writing about women of the Bible (more on that later) and this blog.

After reading my story, I’d love to hear from you; perhaps share a moment of truth from your life.

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Ask my kids, a techno geek, I’m not. But I have learned to love my smartphone, and unfortunately, I am addicted to the convenience of this newfangled gadget. However, apps are a different animal and it took a while longer before these technical gizmos found their way onto my phone. Today, I love my apps too!

Below learn about four Christian apps that enhance spiritual growth through a variety of methods. 

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Melancholy Christmas- say it isn’t so! But it’s more common than we like to think. Read on to learn why we are melancholy during the holiday and find some resources that may help.

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