Verse of the Week

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”
Psalm 119: 105 (KJV)

Verse of the Week

Embedding God’s Word in our hearts and minds illuminates our path, providing direction throughout this earthly journey. I don’t know about you, but I need this light every moment of every day!

Every Sunday, I will post a blog based on a Scripture verse. Memorize, mediate, or just mull over the Scripture during the week. Do whatever fits your spiritual needs and schedule.

Of course, feel free to add your thoughts about the verse. Fresh insights are always welcome and helpful to everyone’s spiritual growth.

We are all about seeking Christ. Hopefully our Verse of the Week series will help us to see God’s direction more clearly and enhance our walk with the Lord.


Command is a four letter word. We don’t like being told what to do; however, it’s part of our daily life. We are told:  to pay taxes, when to put our garbage out, to be at work at a certain time, to complete an assignment, etc. Although we don’t like it, for the most part, we obey the commands of men. Conversely, the commands of God are often ignored – even defied. So, this week we are examining the Ten Commandments and how they influence our behavior – or not.

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Talking to the Creator of the universe is unparalleled to any privilege we have on earth. Nevertheless, too often my mantra is similar to Vanessa from the series Last Man Standing. In one episode Vanessa tells her husband that she would prefer to stay home and complete her “to do” list, instead of attending church and praying that the list is accomplished.  I empathize with Vanessa, do you? I know it’s wrong but I sometimes treat prayer like it’s a waste of time and energy. Read on to find out how we squander our prayer privilege and what praying in truth means.

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