Genesis Chapters 1 – 11

The first eleven chapters of Genesis describe the creation of the heavens and earth. Creating light, sky, water, land, sea, vegetation, sun, moon, stars, and all living creatures (which includes man) in six days was quite a feat!

The first couple was to live forever in Paradise called Eden. However, they disobeyed God and ate from the one forbidden tree, which opened their eyes to their nakedness. So God provided clothing from an animal, which was the first death in the perfect world God created.

Not wanting Adam and Eve to continue to eat from the tree of life, and live forever in their state of sin; God forced them to leave the Garden of Eden.   

Adam and Eve had two sons – Cain and Abel. Cain was jealous of Abel’s relationship with God and killed his brother. See how fast sin was growing in people’s hearts. The first murder didn’t take long!

Something to notice when learning about Genesis is that Adam and Eve talked to one another and God. Also, Adam named the animals! (Genesis 2:19) And Genesis Chapter 4 tell us about skilled workers such as forging tools of bronze and iron, playing instruments and raising livestock; it also states that people lived in tents. (Genesis 4: 20-22). There were communities early on. People were not ape-men running around grunting.

Adam and Eve had other children; however, the only one we know by name is Seth. Seth’s descendants worshiped God, but as time passed people strayed: society was pagan (didn’t worship God) and violent.

Saddened by the state of the world, God destroyed the inhabitants of the earth by a flood, saving only one righteous man and his family in an ark. When Noah’s family left the ark, they had children and grandchildren thus populating the world; however, people gradually turned away from God again.

We also read about the Tower of Babel in these first eleven chapters. This is another example of man’s corruption. Disobeying God, the people tried to build a tower; so He separated the people throughout the earth. This was the beginning of different languages and people groups – or what we call races today.

Chapter 12 begins with the call of Abram and the beginning of the Hebrew people as the chosen ones. We will cover this part of Genesis in the next devotion.


Noah did everything just as God commanded him (Genesis 6:22 NIV).

Noah obeyed God and built an ark to save his family when the flood came. In such a wicked world, it’s easy to imagine people making fun of Noah for building a boat on dry land, but he was obedient and finished the job God assigned.

Did you know there is a replica of the ark in Kentucky? Even with all the equipment we have today, it was quite a task to complete the model of the ark. It took years!

Can you believe that people made fun of the workers who built the reproduction of the ark too! But like Noah, they persevered and finished the project.

Have you ever been teased or bullied? What happened and how did you feel?

Did you know that David in the Bible was bullied too? And he became a king! David prayed to God when he was scared, embarrassed, or angry.

So bullying and teasing is not a new sin. Talk to your parents or grandparents or an adult you trust if someone is a bully or makes fun of you. Devise a plan for the future. Remember to pray to God about your problem.

If you want more information about the ark, Google Creation Museum and Noah’s Ark and find some neat pictures. Maybe someday you can visit Kentucky and walk through Noah’s Ark!


God, I want to be obedient, even when it is difficult. Although the world is corrupt and evil, I want to be like Noah and walk with You. It is easy to go along with other kids when they make fun of someone else. Forgive me if I ever hurt someone’s feelings and help me act like Jesus. Amen


What you need:  A book with nature pictures and a Bible

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth (Genesis 1:1).

This is the very first verse in the Bible – so it should be easy to find!  Let’s look at this verse in the Bible.

Now open your other book. Look at all the beautiful pictures. Show me your favorite pictures. Isn’t nature beautiful with all the trees, flowers, and animals?

Our verse today says God created everything. Do you know what created means?  It means God made everything. Isn’t he a good God to make such a beautiful world for us to live in?


Thank you God for making so many beautiful things and for making me too!  Amen