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Patrice Van Dyke

Writing for this Christian women’s blog is fun, but the author’s bio is my least favorite part. Why? Because 1) the blog is not about me, and 2) I’m not particularly impressive. I am just an ordinary woman who can relate to your hectic, but grace-filled life. However, I am passionate about women’s Christian ministry, and that is why I launched this website and blog.

As a human resources professional for over twenty years, my focus was resolving problems, overseeing the recruitment of staff, and employee relations. Most of my twenty years were at a social service agency, which is predominantly a women’s world.

During my tenure as director of the department, my office is where the women came to resolve work and relationship problems. Seeking advice, career direction, and often emotional support; these talks gave me an appreciation of the complexity of women, along with an understanding of their needs, desires, and dreams.

It was also a privilege to serve in my local church. For years I chaired the Christian Education Department, taught Sunday school, and led a youth group. Yes, I was busy!

In 2000, my life changed forever when my husband left me. I didn’t see it coming and was in shock. Although I was always a believer, this unexpected divorce led me on a spiritual journey unlike any before.

During the chaotic split and divorce, I started researching and studying the lives of Biblical women. I was amazed to discover how similar our lives are to these ancient women. God used these women as examples and mentors, providing emotional healing and spiritual growth during this tough time.

I took an early retirement to care for my aging parents. They passed a few years ago and I felt God nudging me to begin writing, which had always been a desire since I was a teen. So, now I blog, write books, and speak at church events for women.

In 2003, God also blessed me with a new marriage and expanded family. My husband, Todd, is a man of great faith who helped me care for my aging parents without complaint. He is also the best Pap Pap ever!

We have three children from previous marriages. Patrick (Kim), Jenny (Andy), and Danny (Kayla). These couples have given us 8 grandchildren who are the love and light of our lives: Isaac, Ryley, Dawson, Ireland, Grace, Jude, Everett, and Josephine.

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That’s about it. Not exceptional, but that’s the point; God doesn’t need exceptional – he’s got that covered. He uses ordinary women willing to learn, grow, and work together for His glory.

So, I hope you allow God to use you through this ministry by sharing your thoughts and experiences in the comment section that is below every blog post. Prayer requests are also welcome.

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