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Fake News about Women!


To demonstrate, consider the following statements.

* Women are jealous; men have rivalries.

* Women manipulate; men persuade.

* Women are fickle; men are steadfast.

What do you think of the above statements? Before you say they are hypocritical and you disagree with them, have you ever said the following?

She’s just jealous of

Women are sooo manipulative.

I don’t totally trust women.

Girls are catty and mean-spirited.

Give me a man boss over a woman boss any day.

If you haven’t said these things, good for you. However, I am certain you have heard other women utter these words, or something similar. Did you stand up for womanhood, nod your head in agreement, or remain silent?

Unquestionably, there are many misconceptions out there about our gender. Unfortunately, we often accept these portrayals as truth.

Definitely, the most important question is: How Does God View Women?

To clarify, take a look at Genesis 2:18—24. Simply stated, this Scripture tells us that God created woman to complete humanity! Thus, in truth, woman was God’s grand finale.

So, why do women denigrate and diminish God’s final creation?

To answer this question and dispel these assumptions was one reason I started WSC. Additionally, I wrote the study:

Fake News About Women Cover

I researched the lives of biblical women. What did I find? Biblical women struggled with Fake News about them too. Society considered them fickle, jealous, manipulative, emotional, and disloyal. Yet, despite these views, it was primarily the women who stayed with Jesus during the crucifixion. Meanwhile, many of the disciples, betrayed, denied, or scattered during this horrific time. See Mark 15:33—16:11.

So, I dug a little deeper and the result was a six session Bible study formatted for groups and individuals called Fake News About Women. I developed compelling vignettes that explore eight biblical women’s emotions, strengths, and flaws with realism and transparency. Consequently, you will see these women in a way you never have before!

Furthermore, each chapter takes a look at the good and bad of a woman’s nature through the eyes of these biblical women and through the lens of biblical Proverbs. Subsequently, readers examine the positive side of characteristics commonly associated with women in a negative way. Moreover, the study reflects on how these attributes affect us as women today.

Readers will:
Women Reading
  • Choose a biblical mentor.
  • Determine the legacy they want to leave in this world.
  • Discover similarities with our biblical sisters.
  • Reflect, through the lens of biblical Proverbs, on womanly characteristics that are considered negatively by society.
  • Examine Scriptures that include provocative and challenging exercises to complete.
  • Answer insightful questions that promote individual introspection and/or inspire lively group discussions.
  • Identify their own flaws and God-given strengths.
  • Recognize the inherent power given us by our Creator.
  • Understand the value God places on His final and special creation.
  • Complete outreach and reflective action steps that encourage spiritual growth.

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If you do purchase the book, and find it helpful to your life, a review on Amazon is much appreciated. It is my prayer that you will be blessed by completing this study.

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