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Welcome to the Women Seeking Christ Blog

Welcome to the Women Seeking Christ blog. We are dedicated to sharing the stories of the women of the Bible as examples and mentors, providing emotional healing and spiritual growth. Here, you can read the latest posts from author Patrice Van Dyke.

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ARE WE CHASING AFTER GOD OR SOMETHING ELSE? A Bible study group meets in my home and at the end of each session we look at different options for our following time together. One of the possibilities was Jennie Allen’s book “Chase.” Filmed in the desert, this study...


WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME to Women Seeking Christ Don't forget to add patrice@womenseekingchrist.com to your contact list. Want to make sure future emails get to your inbox and not to spam! Hopefully, you've downloaded your free ebook and are learning some new things...

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As we study the fruits of the Spirit we find out that joy is not circumstantial, but should be consistent, even in difficult times. How is that possible. Let’s take a look together.

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