21 Ways to Jumpstart Your Prayer Life eBook


Gain a new perspective by trying some (or all) of these twenty unique suggestions, thereby nurturing a relationship with your Creator. Furthermore, these ideas will:

  • Inspire you to have fun with God.
  • Encourage worship as part of your quiet time.
  • Embolden you to try different styles of prayer.
  • Help you develop a more thankful heart.
  • Hone your listening and meditation skills.

So go ahead, Jumpstart Your Prayer Life and see what happens.


Prayer is speaking to the Creator of the universe. However, I find myself asking these questions…

  • How can I experience empowerment after speaking to God?
  • Why am not aware of the divine?
  • What can I do to make prayer more effective?
  • Additionally, why don’t I want to spend time with God?
Do you ask yourself these questions?

Perhaps you are focused on a prayer life instead of growing closer to God in a personal way.

How many of your relationships consist of one person asking for stuff and the other delivering? Is that how you develop friendships?

Of course not, you get to know people through fellowship, love, good seasons, sad moments, and fun times. Furthermore, mutual support, communication, and understanding are all part of developing intimacy.

Does this sound like your prayer life?

If your answer is no, download our ebook and see how this eBook can help you rediscover the joy of prayer and reconnect with God.

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