Biblical Mentors

Biblical Mentors isn’t a term commonly used, but mentoring in the Christian community isn’t new. However, instead of the word mentor the person might be called a discipleship builder, spiritual guide, or an accountability partner.

Are you thinking this is an odd time to talk about this subject. After all, the 4th of July is right around the corner and we should talk about our founding. Well, we kind of are. Did you know that 24 of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence had seminary degrees?

The Bible was an important book during this time in history and there are many quotes by our founding fathers that were about Christianity or directly from the Bible. If you doubt me, click here for a very enlightening and informative article about these quotes.

So, I thought it was as good a time as any to talk about our biblical mentors.


More specifically, which women of the Bible influence your walk with Jesus?

I know these women’s lives and culture were so different that choosing one or more of them as a biblical mentor seems impossible. However, studying these women, I am amazed at our similarities. Their problems and victories are much like ours today.

For example, Sarah, and Rebekah were just two women who struggled with fertility. Naomi lost two children to death, Abigail lived with an abusive husband, Rachel was jealous, Sapphira was greedy, Anna was widowed at a young age, and Martha was too busy for quiet time with Jesus! There are stories about women with debilitating illnesses, faith issues, and those without hope.

Yes, these women were much like us today. I believe they can be examples and mentors for each one of us as we explore their triumphs, mistakes, and every day lives.

Moses in basket

Pharaoh had ordered all baby boys to be drowned in the Nile River at birth because he was afraid that the Hebrew slaves were too strong and numerous. In order to gain freedom they might turn on the Egyptian leader.

It was during this time that Jochebed gave birth to a son. Defying the orders of the powerful Pharaoh, she placed her son in a papyrus basket among the reeds along the bank of the Nile River knowing that Pharaoh’s daughter bathed there. (Exodus 1: 8-12 & 22 and 2: 1-10)

Jochebed’s plan was well thought out. She sent the baby’s older sister, Miriam, to watch over the babe so she could tell the Pharaoh’s daughter that she knew of a nursemaid. So, Jochebed nursed her baby and took care of him during his early years. When he was weaned she turned him over to Pharaoh’s daughter to raise. If you didn’t know, this baby was Moses. Yes, the man who as an adult freed the Hebrew slaves from Egypt.

Most mothers can relate to Jochebed’s mothering instincts that were shrewd, tactical, and practical. We can follow her lead when it comes to protecting our children.

Girl Power

These sisters insisted on their rights to an inheritance, and changed the succession laws of the Israelites forever! (Numbers 27: 1-11) They were kind of biblical feminists, without all the negative aspects of modern feminism. Surely most of us have felt cheated and the way these women handled their situation provides a great example of the proper way to address these types of circumstances. This biblical court case has even been mentioned in a law suit that went before the U.S. Supreme Court in modern times! Read their story in Numbers.


Do you want biblical mentors who teach you how to share the Good News? Priscilla was an early female evangelist. She worked alongside her husband to support Paul and led many to Christ. Read about her in Acts 18: 18-28.

Biblical Mentors Rahab

A prostitute who understood that Israel’s God was The Only God. She defied her country’s laws and helped Israel’s spies. Due to her actions, she saved herself and her family from death and became an ancestor of Jesus! It is an exciting story found in Joshua Chapter 2.


Most of us don’t know about this woman, but she was pivotal in bringing Judah back from idol worship. She brought down an evil queen by saving her nephew (Joash) from Athaliah’s massacre of all rightful heirs to the throne. For those of you who want biblical mentors who are smart, patient, brave, and caring this is the girl for you. It is a story full of intrigue and is found in 2 Chronicles 22: 10-12 and 23: 12-15.

Deborah's gavel

 She was the only woman judge of Israel. Under her leadership (and with the aid of another strong woman – Jael) Israel’s oppressor was defeated. She led an exciting life and she would make a biblical mentor for anyone who wants to lead. Read her story in Judges Chapter 4.

These are just a few examples of strong women who made the most of their God-given abilities despite the deck being stacked against their success. These women were strong because of their faith. They turned to God and not man.


My mentors change during different seasons of life. During my divorce my life changed dramatically and I related to Ruth who, like me, had to move from her home and start a new life. You can read my story and learn how Ruth influenced me during a difficult time by checking out my blog post, Moving On.

Today, because I started writing this blog and just published my first book, I look to Lydia as a mentor, because she was a woman entrepreneur. Think it is difficult for a woman in business today? I can’t imagine what Lydia overcame to find success. (Acts 16: 11-15) However, she knew that worldly prosperity was not true fulfillment. Although she was a Gentile, she had an open mind about Jesus, learning about Him and spending time with other believers and in spiritual endeavors.

Women choosing biblical mentors

Share which women of the Bible are, or could be, biblical mentors in your life. Not sure. Click here for an article that will help you get to know some more women of the Bible. You can also use a search engine or the index of your Bible and look up the women listed at the beginning of this blog post.

If you prefer to name a woman who is not in the Bible that influences your life, please don’t hesitate to share that too.

Since the 4th, or Independence Day, is right around the corner, you might want to share something about our country’s founding and what being an American means to you and your Christian walk.

Share whatever is on your mind, but please get involved in our WSC community and comment.

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