Bless me too, God!

Bless me too, God! Do ever pray this prayer? Do you feel like God answers others prayers, but not yours? What about those who live a charmed life, while you struggle to keep your head above water?

There was a woman in the Bible that felt that way. Her name was Naomi, which means pleasantness in Hebrew.

Bless Me Too Seeking


“Don’t call me Naomi,” she responded. “Instead, call me Mara, for the Almighty, has made life very bitter for me. I went away full, but the LORD has brought me home empty. Why call me Naomi when the LORD has caused me to suffer, and the Almighty has sent such tragedy upon me” (Ruth 1: 20-21 NLT)?

Bless Me Too Suffering

Naomi made this declaration when she returned to Israel after living in pagan Moab for years. Understandably heartsick, since she lost her husband and two sons while living in this foreign land.

Of course, we could ask why she was in Moab in the first place. Yes, there was a famine, but others survived in Israel. Instead, she and her husband chose to leave their homeland and other believers and live in a pagan country – allowing their sons to marry pagan women.

Despite her move to a pagan land and a very resentful attitude, God answered Naomi’s “bless me too” prayer through her daughter-in-law Ruth, who stayed with her mother-in-law during good and bad times – eventually, giving Naomi a grandchild.

However, upon Naomi’s return to the homeland, she only saw the darkness, and she blamed God.


Do you ever compare your blessings with others and come up short?

Bless Me Too Comparing

What about the popular girl from high school who continues to find success in both her personal and professional life? Bless me too, God; I want to be like Miss Popularity.

Additionally, an underserving coworker gets the plum assignments. Bless me too, God; I want the best jobs.

Oh, and the woman who marries the handsome, rich guy. That will never work out. She got married for the wrong reasons. Years later, they celebrate their anniversary with friends and family. Bless me too God with a perfect marriage.


We pray for healing, and a loved one dies.

The endeavor fails, despite our prayers for success.

Month after month, there is no pregnancy.

Stamped on the application: Rejected

Where is God? Why doesn’t He bless me too?


These questions about blessings and answered prayer go way back – clear back to the beginning of time.

Eve had no one to compare her life to, she lived in Paradise and talked to God, but Satan was still able to plant a sliver of doubt. I can hear her saying, “You say you are blessing me God, but you are holding back something. I know what you are holding back is the best of the best. You don’t love me, or you would bless me too.

Can you imagine the beauty surrounding her in the garden?

Bless Me Too Garden

However, in a New York minute,  Satan was able to introduce discontent into her life and bring Eve’s world crashing down around her that day.


You may be more spiritual than me, and perhaps you never question God. However, I have experienced Naomitis and Eveitis. Why aren’t you answering my prayers, God? I’m not asking for much! Why is she more blessed than me? BLESS ME TOO GOD!

So does God answer prayers? Let’s look at three women in the Bible.


Hannah’s husband, Elkanah, loved her immensely, despite her barrenness.  After making the required sacrifice during an annual trip to Shiloh; Peninnah (Elkanah’s other wife) taunted Hannah because their husband gave her a larger share of meat for the children.

Despondent, Hannah prayed fervently, pleading for a son and promising to give the child to the Lord. In other words, bless me too, God like you do Peninnah.

God answered Hannah’s “bless me too” prayer, and she gave birth to Samuel.

Keeping her promise, when Samuel was of age, she left him at the Tabernacle to serve as the priest’s assistant. Consequently, God blessed her with more children.


Information abounds about this woman in just a few verses. (Luke  2: 36-38) Not only was Anna widowed at a young age, but also was childless. Under these circumstances, did she pray, bless me too God? After all, all her friends had children!

Nevertheless, she spent her life in service to God living at the Temple. Worldly things did not interest her. She never sought another husband, nor did she live a life of discouragement because she never knew motherhood; instead, she embraced the things of God. She spent her days worshipping, fasting, and praying.

You sense she was keeping watch for the fulfillment of the Messianic prophecies; never losing hope. As a prophetess, she was sensitive to God’s message, and this was the most profound announcement of all.

Notice when God gave her insight, and she recognized Jesus, she didn’t stop and talk to the couple or even take a minute to admire the baby. It was if she was unable to contain herself, she lifted her voice in praise immediately. God was delivering on His promise of a Messiah!

The Bible tells us she also proclaimed the Good News to everyone who waited expectantly for the Messiah.

God answered Anna’s “bless me too” prayer in an unexpected and glorious way.


A Canaanite woman’s daughter was possessed by a demon, which caused daily seizures. Frantic, this mother begged Jesus for mercy.

A point overlooked is this woman’s courage. Any woman approaching a Jewish man she didn’t know was improper, but for a Gentile woman to reach out to a noted Jewish teacher was unheard of in this culture. Yet despite her status, and the disciples’ obvious annoyance, she persisted.

Notice that she calls Jesus “Son of David.” (Matthew 15: 21-28) She knew this man was special with power beyond that of an average person. Despite Jesus ignoring her and then comparing her to a dog, she did not give up. She used the dog analogy and said she would accept the crumbs that fell to the floor.

Ultimately, Jesus praised her faith and answered her request for healing.


Looking at the prayers of these women, I realize that each one is different, but there is one similarity. They all had confidence in God’s answer. Not necessarily the desired or expected response, but trusted that God knew best.

Hannah’s Answer

The Bible tells us when Hannah finished praying her “bless me too” prayer, her face was no longer downcast. (1 Samuel 1:18) Giving her problem to God was enough. She didn’t know that she would later have a son and five other children!

Anna’ Answer

When Anna married, she probably expected to have a family. Instead, she was a widow with no children.

However, Noamitis was not her style; instead of bitterness, she gave her life to God, praying for the most important child of all – the coming Messiah. God answered her, “bless me too” prayer; allowing her to lay eyes on Jesus before she died. It brought her such joy, she couldn’t contain her praise.

Canaanite Woman’s Answer

Overwhelmed with grief, the Canaanite woman spent her days watching her child suffer. She heard about this Jesus and his healings. Suspecting the Jews knew the real God, she went to find this miracle worker.

Upon finding Jesus, He ignored her, then compared her to a dog. Instead of pridefully turning away from this embarrassing encounter, she continued to approach Jesus with courage and persistence. This woman realized Jesus was God and that she was undeserving. Crumbs from the Almighty God were better than a worldly feast. She was grateful, not insulted.

God deals with us individually. There is no cookie-cutter prayer that gives you everything you want. Probably because everything you want is not best for you; that’s why God has a master plan, which we cannot comprehend. However, God assures us that He is in control, and His plan is best.


So when I ask about my “lack” of blessings and answered prayers, I must look at the motivation behind my requests.

Am I like Hannah? Do I leave my requests and burdens with God and walk away uplifted?

Do I allow bitterness to infiltrate my thoughts and life, or like Anna do I turn my life over to God?

How do I react during tough times? Do I persistently pray like the Syro-Phoenician woman?  Do I recognize that even God’s crumbs are more than I deserve?

Yet, He gives so much more to me every day!

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