People will often say to me that God has spoken to them. They are sure that the path they are taking or the decision they are making is directed by God.

I am going to make a confession that might make some of you gasp: I don’t hear from God that clearly. I am not saying I don’t feel led, but I always question if the leading is a random thought or God speaking. For instance, I feel led to write a book, or do I? Is it what God wants or what I want? How do I know for sure?

This week, I am asking my readers for a big favor; I want you to write the blog post. If you have any thoughts on this subject, please click “reply” and share your insights and experiences. For instance:

  • How do you hear God’s message? Is it an audible voice or a thought?


  • Do you ever hear from God through another person?


  • When God speaks to you in the form of a thought, how do you discern that it is from God?


  • Is it a feeling in your soul?


  • Are you led by your conscience?


  • Is it an emotional experience?


  • Does He speak through something you are reading or during your Bible study?


  • Does He speak at random times or only during your prayer time?


  • Has another person ever told you they had a message from God that you needed to hear?


  • Do you seek confirmation from more than one source, such as another person or your Bible study?


  • Do you wonder if it is God speaking or Satan attempting to steer you in the wrong direction?

These questions are just prompts to get you started. Please comment about any aspect of this sensitive subject that touches your heart.

Please note that when you reply it will not show up immediately. The reply is sent to me, and I have to approve it before it posts. It is set up this way to protect us all from inappropriate comments. I promise to keep close tabs on the replies and approve them quickly. Please return during the week to see what others have to say.

I hope this will be an enlightening experience for all of us. I can’t wait to see what you share.

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Blessings to everyone! See you next week.

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