Does God care when I’m rejected?

For instance, did God care about that change in my life?

A friend who is like a sister to me moved across the country. No, she didn’t actually reject me and we are still friends. In fact, she is probably reading this post, so I hope she understands what I mean when I say I felt a little rejected. Although we are still friends it is not the same as her popping in at my house 3 or 4 times a week, watching each other’s children, leading youth group together, and our two families going out almost every Friday.

Of course, even if she hadn’t moved most of this would have changed because since that time I divorced and moved to a different area of the state. Additionally, we are both grandparents now!

Did God care when my marriage fell apart?

The person who vowed to stay loyal to you and love you forever leaves. Is there any worse rejection than divorce?

The job I didn’t get was such a small thing in the universe. Did God care?

Practically a guarantee, I was told. Just apply for the opening! Yet, I received a rejection letter. It was a disappointing day.

Collapse of a Friendship

More than coworkers, so when I changed jobs we stayed in touch for several years – that is until she abruptly stopped taking my calls. I tried to reach out in several ways, but to no avail. I saw that she died a year ago. Now there is no way on earth to find out why she rejected me.


Before we get to Jesus, let’s examine some biblical women who surely asked , “Does God Care When I’m Rejected?”

Hagar Does God Care when I'm rejected?

God said to wait on His timing. However, Abraham accepted Hagar as a surrogate mother for Sarah and Ishmael was born. Therefore, years later when Isaac (the true heir of the covenant) was born there was not just joy, but there was also dissension and pain in the family. So, at Sarah’s urging, Abraham sent Ishmael and Hagar away. (In fairness, God told Abraham it was ok.)

Hence, a helpless woman and her son wandered the dessert until they ran out of water. Hagar put Ishmael under a bush and went a few feet away. She couldn’t watch her son die. (Genesis 21: 1-16)

Leah Knew Rejection
Leah Longed for Jacob's love and favor

Most of us know the story of sisters Leah and Rachel. Jacob was in love with Rachel, but was tricked into marrying Leah first. A painful love triangle ensued. (Genesis 29: 16-30) Surely, Leah asked, “Does God Care When I’m Rejected?”

Rejected by Society
Does God Care  When I'm Rejected asked the Samaritan Woman?

God’s care? She didn’t deserve it. That’s what she and society believed. After all, she had many husbands and was living with a man that was not her husband. High moral standards was not her priority and society’s rejection reminded her of her sins daily.

Then there was Jesus!
Jesus asks God, do you care when I'm rejected?

As Jesus dies He cries out, “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” (Mark 15:34)

God Heard Hagar

Actually, the Bible says God heard Ishmael crying and an angel spoke to Hagar. The angel told Hagar not to be afraid because Ishmael’s descendants will be a great nation. Oh, and by the way there is a well right over there! So, the boy grew up in the desert, became an archer and married.

Some interesting facts about Hagar and Ishmael:

  • This was not the first time God intervened directly into Hagar’s life. See Genesis 16.
  • Ishmael means ‘God Hears.’
  • Some believe Ishmael is the ancestor of the Arab Muslim nations.
God took action in Leah’s life

The Bible tells us: “When the LORD saw that Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah, He made it possible for Leah to have children, but not Rachel. (Genesis Chapter 29) So, when you think God doesn’t know or care about the details of your life, think of Leah.

God came in person to this Samaritan woman!

She came to the well at noon instead of early morning or evening, which is when most women made the trek. Why? Because this woman thought she was unworthy. That is until the day Jesus was at Jacob’s well.

To clarify, Jesus talked to this woman despite the cultural norms of the day forbidding Him to speak to a woman in public, especially a Samaritan woman. As a result of Jesus’ persuasive talk, profound knowledge, and loving care this woman realized that Jesus was the Messiah.

God cared so much about this rejected woman that He arranged a face-to-face encounter with Jesus for her salvation. (John 4: 5-42)

And what about Jesus’ abandonment question on the cross?

But Jesus knew God didn’t really reject Him for He also said at the end “Father, I entrust my spirit into your hands!” (Luke 23:46)

So, when we cry out to God and ask why He doesn’t care about our rejection, pray as Jesus did and entrust your problems, life, and hurt into God’s hands.


Next month, as we continue to observe Lenten season and move forward to celebrate Easter, we’ll explore the role rejection played in Jesus’s life, especially during his last days before the crucifixion. More importantly, we will study how He responded to rejection!

In the meantime, for some insights into the event that changed mankind’s destiny read one of my past articles about Resurrection Sunday: Easter: Got Questions.


So, have you ever asked “Does God Care When I’m Rejected?” In the comment section below, share about a time you were rejected and if or how God responded.

Blessings to All