Of course, WSC is cultivating a community of women whose relationship with God is close, vital, and joyful. So, in this second get acquainted post, we are talking about ways to draw closer to God. Before we get started just wanted to remind you once again to add patrice@womenseekingchrist.com to your contact list so future emails make it to your inbox and not to spam!

Okay, let’s dig in. Growing closer to God is a goal for all serious Christians, but one that often seems elusive. I’m sure you’ve seen the snippet on the picture above on posters or in your church bulletin. Although you know that you are the one who caused the distance, this cliché doesn’t tell you how to fix it. 

This blog identifies five practical steps to draw closer to God using James 4: 7-10. While we usually engage the lives of women of the Bible as examples, guides, and mentors this article examines this passage of Scripture through an an unlikely mentor named Zacchaeus.


Coins that represent a tax collector
  1. He also lined his pockets with stolen tax money.
  2. Despite Zacchaeus’ corruption, he was curious about Jesus and went to Jericho to check Him out.


3. Jesus sensed his presence and looking up in the tree told the man to come down.

4. Zacchaeus promptly presented himself before the Lord.

Of course, this riled the self-righteous gossipmongers, but Jesus didn’t pay any attention. A man was about to be drawn closer to God and his life will change now and for eternity.


Closer to God Submit

“Submit yourselves then, to God.” (Jas 4:7a NIV)

Zacchaeus had reasons to stay in the tree: the crowd’s hate was palpable and mobbing him was not out of the question. However, when Jesus told him to come down he didn’t hesitate or make excuses. 

Closer to God Humble

Listen for God’s voice and obey!

This was a lesson I learned during a tumultuous time in my life. The chaos drew me closer to God, thus I cried out to Him for help and healing. However, when He told me an unappealing truth, unlike Zacchaeus, I rejected His “suggestion.”

If you read my story last week, you know that ignoring God got me nowhere except in trouble and further from my Savior. When God speaks, listen and follow the path He puts before you, even if it isn’t the path you want or assume is best. 

Have trouble hearing God? Click here for an article that provides ideas on how the fruit of the Holy Spirit can help us during our “hard of hearing” times, or is it selective hearing? 

Resist Sign

Surely Satan didn’t want Zacchaeus to get closer to God, therefore I believe he tried his best to keep him from Jericho that day. Perhaps he planted ideas in his head about staying away from the peasant crowds and counting his money that afternoon. Providing reasons to ignore God is Satan’s specialty. Don’t be fooled by his ploys. 

Woman holding ears

Satan’s ploys in this area aren’t original, however, they are effective. He convinces us that God owes us; after all, we teach Sunday school, serve on church committees, work in the nursery, go on mission trips, etc.

Surprise! God doesn’t owe us, moreover, He gives us more than we deserve. It’s called grace. 

During the tumultuous time mentioned above, I learned to quit blaming God and recognized that church work is not a vaccine against trials and troubles. 

Zacchaeus showed up; Jesus took care of the rest. When Jesus invited Himself to Zacchaeus’ home this double-dealing man made no excuses about the house being a mess or not wanting to inconvenience Jesus. Trying to hide your flaws is futile, God knows about them anyway.

Woman at door

Welcome Jesus, even when your house is a mess!

To grow closer to God it is imperative that you spend time with Him. If you stop talking to a friend or ignore your spouse, the nearness dies and the kinship you felt no longer brings joy to your life. That is why Bible study, prayer, and meditation are necessary to maintain a satisfying, joyful, and authentic relationship with our Creator and Savior.

Furthermore, when you spend time with God don’t do all the talking. We all know annoying people that don’t allow us to get a word in edgewise, however, when we visit with God that is often how we act. If you are looking for more help about silence before God, check out number two in “Twenty-one Ways to Jumpstart Your Prayer Life”.

Washing Hands

Upon receiving forgiveness, Zacchaeus recognized his depravity, thus both his heart and behavior changed, consequently he made restitution to the people affected by his thievery. He gave the people four times the amount that he cheated them and half of his money to the poor. 

Closer to God Bring sin to light


I know your asking, “Why would I do that?” I don’t like confronting my sin either. However, neglecting to seek forgiveness for specific sins grieves the Holy Spirit and affects our relationship with God. Like Zacchaeus, appreciate your forgiveness and let your actions reveal your changed heart. The following Psalms may help you prepare for confession: 6, 32, 51, 103, and 130.  

Woman Kneeling Before the Lord

Wealth and influence don’t impress Jesus, and Zacchaeus realized this when standing in God’s presence. No matter what your position, be humble, understanding everything is from God.

Woman surprised

YES WAY! God made us in His own image and each of us is unique. However, we are not saved because we are the favorite child. God’s gracious love and mercy is the reason for our salvation.

God does not honor a proud spirit. All successful endeavors (even those attained by nonbelievers) are by the grace of God. Someday ALL people will know this is true. Be humble in your weakness and success. Give God the glory, always.  

Woman running up steps

Following these five steps reminds me that the cliché is true – it is me that moved. In fact the distance we feel is a state of mind, not reality. God is never far. Just reach out and God will grab your hand and draw you close once again.


If you want to learn more about Zacchaeus click here for an article about this complicated man. The Bible documents his story in Luke 19: 1-10.  

Additionally, if you have any ideas on how to draw closer to God, please share your thoughts in the comment section below. You may help a sister-in-Christ!

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