Ask my kids, a techno geek, I’m not. But I have learned to love my smartphone, and unfortunately, I am addicted to the convenience of this newfangled gadget. However, apps are a different animal and it took a while longer before these technical gizmos found their way onto my phone. Today, I love my apps too!

News apps keep me up on current events, my Uber app provides simple access to transportation when I travel, and my weather apps not only alert me to conditions where I live but more importantly, about the weather where my kids are located.

Despite the South’s reputation for balmy weather, my app’s alert signal beeps regarding my kids in Texas more than for the kids dwelling in Pennsylvania. Storms, fog, flood warnings scroll across my screen frequently. When I call, my daughter says there is no wind or flooding where her family resides. However, I keep monitoring the weather anyway.

However, my favorite apps encourage my Christian walk, and this week I am sharing my favorites.

  1. iDisciple.

This is a diverse app that has almost anything Christian available and includes sermons, daily devotions, Bible studies, music, and at least four Bible translations. The app updates periodically; furthermore it continually adds contributors from the Christian community.

There is a monthly fee, but at the time I signed up iDisciple was giving a free app to a military person for each paid customer. Therefore, I considered it a contribution to a worthy cause.

Full disclosure, I currently don’t have this app, due to a renewal snafu, but this is the first administrative problem I encountered, and I’ve had the app for several years.

If you are looking for an app that provides everything in one place, this app is an excellent choice. Start with a free trial. Check out for additional information.

  1. Scripture Typer.

My husband, a Scripture memory guru, encourages everyone to memorize God’s word. I resisted his persuasive arguments until I discovered the Scripture Typer App. It is a helpful resource to memorize Scripture in almost any translation of the Bible.

Choose the verse and translation, and it also offers several different techniques to assist in the learning process, which includes filling the blanks and recording the verse for playback. You can also group the verse by category. For example prayer, encouragement, hope, praise, etc.

After memorizing the verse the app automatically moves it from practicing daily to reviewing every two days or once a week, etc. A manual reminder option is available too.

I won’t win any awards, but this app puts me on the path to memorization. Check out this app at

  1. Joshua Project.

This free app provides a vital prayer opportunity for Christians. Information on an unreached people group pops up every day on your app. The data includes an overview of their culture, ministry obstacles, and outreach ideas, while also suggesting ways to pray for the identified group.

Eye-opening and disturbing; this app is a treasure of information about people all over the world in need of Jesus. Go to to sign up for the app.

  1. Abide.

My favorite app, although it costs $50 a year, has a variety of ways to worship God. There are numerous guides to choose from that offer lessons in a variety of subjects. To name a few: prayer, children’s needs, purpose, divorce, anxiety, forgiveness, finances, etc. The list goes on and on. Each subject has anywhere from four to eight steps that walk subscribers through the subject Biblically.

The focus is meditation, which is a word with a negative connotation in the Christian world, but it is something missing in our prayer life. Meditation on Scripture gives us insight into God’s word. This app helps us learn to meditate, without all the “New Age” techniques.

Choose a verse and the app walks you through a meditation. The verses are listed by topic for easy reference. In addition, to assist during meditation, there are choices of background pictures and music – or choose silence.

Highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to draw closer to God through Scripture. Google “Abide App” and start meditating!

If you have any apps you particularly like, share with the group under comments.

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