My Advocate is Jesus

My Advocate: what does that mean? Well, here are some synonyms for advocate: Champion, Campaigner, Defender

Do we see examples of Advocates in the Bible? Yes, we do. Moses advocated for the Israelites more than once, Nehemiah was an advocate for Jerusalem, and Paul pleaded Onesimus’ case. But, as usual, I want to look at some women of the Bible who were advocates.

My Advocate Abigail with David
Abigail pleading her case with David for her household

Abigail was married to Nabal, a man without scruples or intelligence. When David, who was known as the future king, was running for his life from the current King Saul, he requested some food and supplies from Nabal. After all, David and his men had protected Nabal’s household as well as protecting themselves. However, Nabal said no.

So, Abigail defies her husband and advocates for her household by bringing provisions and pleading a convincing case to this young warrior. Therefore, protecting her people and servants from David’s wrath. (1 Samuel 25)

Bathsheba was My Advocate for her son Solomon

Bathsheba was King David’s favorite wife and mother of Solomon. She saved Solomon’s kingship by advocating for him to her dying husband. (1 Kings 1: 11-31)

Esther crowned Queen

Esther risked her life and approached the King (her husband) in order to save the Jews from annihilation. (Esther Chapter 4)


Despite the courage of the biblical women above, no advocate can compare to Jesus.

Picture of Jesus and child as my advocate

We say it kind of casually, but when you consider the extremes that Jesus suffered so He could advocate for us there is nothing casual about it. He was born a baby in this fallen world, showed great patience and love with the ungrateful masses, and died a horrible death so that He could become “My Advocate” and yours too.

And do you know what makes My Advocate greater than any others? When He pleads my case it’s a guaranteed favorable judgment. (Romans 8: 1-4)

Calvin Quote

We must receive Jesus as Lord and Savior so that God can hear our case.

My Advocate Prayer

I admit that I think of Jesus more as a prosecutor. I sometimes think He is mad at me because I haven’t prayed fervently, worshiped enough, or resisted temptation. And while there may be consequences for sin or bad choices, the fact that Jesus died for us was the greatest love ever shown, and it didn’t end there. He is still showing love as our defense attorney. And He does it pro bono!

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