Women expressing Pandemic Pet Peeves


Pandemic pet peeves is a new category of complaints. They are all over social media and when I talk to family and friends I hear the frustration and annoyance surfacing. So I thought I’d share my pandemic pet peeves. – some lighthearted and others more serious. Additionally, I would love to hear your pet peeves and opinions in the comment section below.

Pandemic Pet Peeves: # 1- I look so bad

Pandemic Pet Peeves Women Looking Bad

Who decided that hair salons, spas, and personal care facilities were non essential? A haircut is just the beginning. There is so much other stuff I need. Come on governors salons are essential.

Additionally, I can’t buy any new clothes! Now why would I need new clothes, you ask? After all, there is no where to go. Well….. you know how people say pets are loving all the attention from their owners – my refrigerator feels that way in my house. I’m just saying.

Pandemic Pet Peeves: # 2 – Shortages

Rolls of Toilet paper

WOW. We are spoiled in the USA. Rationing is frustrating and empty shelves are the worst. What is really confusing is how the shortages change. Milk was in short supply then egg rationing was the rage for a while. The other day Dollar General was out of sugar! When I asked why the clerk didn’t know. She asked me if you can make hand sanitizer out of sugar. Don’t think so, but I guess you can use it to exfoliate. Another reason we need the salons!

Alcohol wipes are my personal nemesis. I am a diabetic and need these prep pads for taking insulin and checking my sugar levels. It is almost impossible to find them and then you are limited to one box. I have to run all over town – actually 2 or 3 towns ( I live in a rural area) to find them! Of course, paper products continue to be a problem. I even shipped toilet paper to my brother in Florida!

Why can’t manufacturers of these products up their game to meet the need?

Pandemic Pet Peeves: #3 – Celebrity Pep Talks

Pandemic Pet Peeves Cheerleading

And the celebrity and sports figures pep talks: “we are all in this together!” Really, like their circumstances are the same as mine – or more to the point like those who are without income, on the verge of losing a business, or don’t know how they will feed their children. Not one of them are in dire straits, In fact, most probably live in mansions with a pool, gym and other amenities. Yeah. As one FB post said: “we are in the same storm, but not the same boat.” So true and it would help if we all remember that people’s realities are different.

Every time one of these “pep rally” commercials come on I want to scream, quit lecturing me!

Pandemic Pet Peeves # 4 – I’m too stupid to get it!

Stupid Looking cartoon face

Another one of my pandemic pet peeves are the sanctimonious people who lecture me about the seriousness of this virus. I need to react and take the exact same precautions and stance as they are – or I am just too stupid to understand and need their guidance, or worse the government’s direction.

Pandemic Pet Peeves # 5 – If you bring God into this you deny science and should be ignored – even mocked.

Pointing fingers at a woman

A business man who is using his facility to make masks for health care workers – not just a few but tens of thousands a week – suggests Americans take some time for spiritual pursuits like reading the Bible. Oh no! What an idiot. That is such a stupid thing to advocate. Surely, he must not believe in science.

Not sure why he is making N95 masks if he doesn’t accept the science of protecting health care workers with a sophisticated mask that keeps out 95% of .3+ micron-particles. Yes, I looked that up! Moreover he is not a science denier, just a Christian trying to live out his faith.

Pandemic Pet Peeves # 6 – Only one thing matters and if you don’t agree you are a murderer!

How about those that suggest caring about the economy, government overreach, and a changed world post-Covid-19 is tantamount to wanting people to die? I am pro-life. I wonder how many of these same people believe it is okay to kill babies during this pandemic?

Yes, I am concerned about the virus. In fact, I tend to be a bit of a germophobe. I wash my hands a lot – even before this virus. I wear a mask coupled with gloves in the stores, which I throw away prior to touching anything in the car. When I return home, I wipe things off with alcohol-based wipes before putting them away. As mentioned above, finding these wipes is a herculean effort, but I don’t give up easy.

After all, it’s possible to take this pandemic seriously and sincerely care about the sick and dying, while, at the same time, have concerns about other serious complications caused by our reaction to this crisis. Such as:

1. The Economy

Women holding a dollar bill

The government is spending trillions. Is it possible another “Great Depression” is looming? Oil prices plummeted to less than $0 because planes aren’t flying, people aren’t traveling, workers aren’t commuting, etc. The oil decline is a blow to US trade, jobs, and oil companies who may have to file bankruptcy. I know the owners of these companies are extremely rich, but they also employ many workers with high paying jobs.

Unemployment is skyrocketing and food banks are busier than ever because people can’t feed their families.

Yes, I am concerned that the longer we shelter-in-place small businesses will not have the funds to reopen and job loss will continue long after the virus is beaten.

2. Government Overreach!

Government Building

One governor said when issuing a mandate he didn’t consider the Bill of Rights; he actually said, “that is above my pay grade.” So, yes, I am also concerned that some of the government rules are, at the least, nipping at our constitutional rights in the United States. Can’t buy paint or seeds when you are in the store buying milk? Really, that helps curb the spread?

It is really annoying that while governors and members of our legislatures cavalierly take away people’s means of making a living their pay checks are deposited right on time. Is filing for unemployment and getting the small business loans this timely and easy? Not so much.

Some are suffering in pain because their treatment is postponed. And who knows the health implications of not allowing biopsies, tests, and elective surgeries. Don’t think there may be people with an aggressive cancer or a progressive disease that will be harder to treat or, God forbid, too late too treat when all this is over? Think again and in our sue happy world you know what is coming. This is personal for me. My husband’s biopsy is postponed, but hey, if I need an abortion – no problem.

Then there is the whole mask controversy. First we are told that wearing masks is silly and now, in many areas, we are told we MUST wear them. Of course, finding them is our problem, but you must have one to get service. I know you can make one – but it is the principle. If you are ordering us to do something, make the masks available.

There are reports of arrests of parents playing in a park with their child, people being stopped while riding in their cars, and, of course, the most reasonable rule: you can fish from a canoe, but don’t get in a motor boat. And last, but certainly not least, people are fined for attending a church service in cars. What happened to our freedom of religion?

Yes, I’m concerned about government overreach!

Changes to our post COVID-19 world.

Reading a newspaper article about a changing world

People keep saying “I can’t wait to get back to normal.” Of course, the celebrities assure us that someday everything will be just fine again. But will they?

Freedom of Religion and Speech

I am concerned about the precedent this sets for our future. We are such good little soldiers and we stay home from church, wear the masks, etc. If they ignore the constitution and tell us we can’t worship does that open the door to telling us how and when we worship later?

You know China allows Christianity – as long as you follow state rules. Even in some European countries certain subjects are not allowed to be discussed from the pulpit because it is considered hate speech.

Many people, especially the younger Millennials and Gen Z groups agree with Europe on this matter. They think criminalizing hate speech is a good idea. Just poll any college campus – oh, I guess you can’t right now because education has stopped too! Well, take my word for it – just like we take the word of our leaders who don’t provide proof for many of their mandates either.

Yes, I am worried that these new rules may begin a slippery slope of infringing on our freedom of speech and religion.

Other Changes

Remember after 9/11 the changes to travel and freedom in airports. Flight attendants were given more authority and you can no longer go to the gate to see a person off or welcome them back. We started taking our shoes off and are forced to go through machines that are a bit embarrassing.

These new rules affected stores that are on the other side of security because only travelers are allowed through. I thought that surely this would change because the stores in airports would balk, but it didn’t. Don’t know how many, if any, retail outlets went out of business, but I am sure there was a loss of revenue. However, it was necessary for our safety.

I wonder how many of these new COVID-19 rules will stay in place for our safety, especially regarding nursing homes and hospitals. Will these facilities continue to limit visitation making it harder to meet with caregivers to advocate for a loved one?

This is particularly scary for our loved ones in nursing and assisted living facilities. Did you ever imagine being denied the right to see someone we care about for months? I understand the elderly are at great risk, but think how the government easily prevents our access to a parent, spouse, or even a child. Just a swipe of a pen with “safety” in mind.


I just saw a news report that said the government might start using drones to monitor people’s social distancing. These techno gurus can see if you sneezed and is able to check your temperature and heart rate. Are you kidding me?

Possibly I worry for no reason, but we need to make sure that “safety” is not used as a controlling measure as we move forward.

Additional Resources

Want to learn about how Christians responded to pandemics in our past. Check out last month’s blog post. It is interesting to read about Martin Luther’s and Spurgeon’s response and advice to believers. Another applicable post for today’s circumstances is Wait a Minute or Two. After all, there is a lot of waiting going on. Take a look a a couple of biblical women and how they waited.

Dr. Roger Barrier wrote an interesting blog post on Crosswalk: “Did God send Coronavirus as a Foreshadow?”

So what do you think?

I know this post is very different from my normal blogs and certainly less biblical. Even during this difficult time, I believe God is in control and prayer is imperative – not only for those hurting, but also for forgiveness, revival, and healing of our world.

As mentioned above, I am not denying the seriousness and need to follow safety practices to win the battle against this virus. However, we also need to thoughtfully consider what is going on right now and not just blindly accept the trend for the day as truth.

Well, I am done complaining! However, I would love for you to share your thoughts and pet peeves in the comment section below. Remember this is a Christian site soooo:

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen” (Ephesians 4:9 NIV).