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Prom – a rite of passage or a night of self-indulgent risky behavior?


According to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers there are 1,415 alcohol-related deaths each year involving people under the age of 21.

April through June claim one-third of teen deaths from vehicle crashes.

When a teen’s option is driving impaired or calling a parent, 85% choose to drive under the influence. This stat is according to Students Against Drunk Drivers.

Unfortunately, one third to almost half of teens say they are more likely to try drugs or alcohol on prom night according to AAA stats. (31-41%)

In 2013 the average prom cost was $1,139.00. So what is the price tag in 2019? I don’t know, however, looking at prom dresses online the least expensive was $200 with the norm about $500; additionally, it isn’t out of the question to spend $1,000 on the dress alone.


A Sad Christmas discusses the high expectations of Christmas Day. We strive for perfection, usually blow our budget, and expect everyone to be happy and joyful. Consequently, the day is often a disappointment.

Unfortunately, unrealistic expectations are the norm for prom too. The pressure to make this one night perfect, marvelous, and memorable takes away the fun and spontaneity of the event.

Then there are promposals! The guy doesn’t have to get up the nerve to ask the girl out, but must stage an elaborate occasion. There are websites devoted to this phenomenon to help the less creative guy out.

The perfect dress, a fancy dinner, and the right accessories are a requisite. Of course, you must tan and have your hair, nails, and makeup professionally done. Addtionally, a limo replaces the family car this evening.

Prom Limo

The above stats scare any parent, and the cost can blow the budget; however, that is only the beginning of the decision-making process regarding prom.

Questions parents consider are:

Is the event well chaperoned?

The maturity of the teen.

What are the plans for the evening?

How is your teen affected by peer pressure?

It is possible the teen doesn’t want the pressure and will decide to skip the event. Respecting that decision is imperative. Missing one dance does not scar a child for life. Keep in mind that the prom is one dance in your child’s lifetime.

Click here for a thoughtful and helpful discussion starter. Ultimately, this is a family decision, which includes your teen’s opinion.

Prom Family

Let me end with a Bible verse to contemplate as you and your teen make decisions about prom and other future events:

“Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart” (2 Timothy 2: 22 NIV).

Happy Spring and blessings until next time.