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The truth about angels? There are varying opinions out there, but one thing for sure- they are real beings created by God.

If you read my last blog post, Angels: Do You Believe? you know I’m convinced that angels are active in our lives today. I am confident that angels were a part of the experiences I described in my previous article.

However, I also know that our culture has some very unbiblical views about these mysterious creations of God. Movies and TV are particularly guilty of leading us astray from the truth about angels.

So while we love the stories of angel rescues and comfort, which you can find in Angels: Do You Believe? this post takes a different tact and discusses some of the “fake news” surrounding these messengers of God.

Before we go any further, take note of this caveat. Due to technical difficulty, Truth About Angels was posted with Angels: Do You Believe?. About five of you read it before I fixed the problem. So if you are one of the five, you may have already read the following information. I apologize. However, for most of you, this material is new.

First I want to ask the question:


Years ago I had a cat named Angel. Let’s just say NOT!

The negative truth about angels

She was the meanest feline I’ve ever encountered. Biting, scratching, and hissing, gave us a clear message that, except for feeding time, leave her alone. However, she was beautiful, and therefore, in our minds looked like an angel.

Which kind of describes the negative side of angels. After all, many angels fell with Satan. (Rev. 12: 7-9) We call them demons and they often come to us in beautiful and enticing ways. That is how they trip us up so often.

People may laugh at this truth about angels, but someday everyone will know that there is a spiritual world around us that includes both angels and demons.


Unfortunately, we have allowed our culture to skew how we view angels today. Children are angels. When a person dies, we tell the child that the deceased became an angel. We call kind behavior angelic. Some people even name there beautiful cat Angel. I can’t imagine.

Moreover, movies and TV don’t depict the truth about angels; instead, they portray these messengers in ways that don’t describe the angels of the Bible.

Let’s take a look at just a few.

It’s a Wonderful Life and the Bumbling Angel
Bumbling Angel

Clarence, a bumbling angel, who’s been unsuccessful at earning his wings during the last 200 years, is sent to earth to help the movie’s main character, George, realize the importance of his life.

Now, do we really believe angels are bumbling?

An angel comes to Mary and tells her she will give birth to the Messiah. Do you think God sends a confused being to handle this assignment?

Revelations 20: 1-3, describes an angel binding Satan. Do you think a bumbling kook overcomes this master of deception?

The truth about angels is that there are no bumbling angels. Even demons, who are evil, are not bumbling.

The Preacher’s Wife and the Angel that Prefers Earth

I love this movie about an angel sent to a preacher’s family to guide them during a difficult period in their ministry.

Unable to contain his excitement upon his arrival, Dudley exclaims that angels line up for a plum earthly assignment like this one. He enthusiastically begins to do his mission but gets off track when he falls in love with the preacher’s wife!

At the end of the movie, Dudley reluctantly leaves earth when his job is done.

Really? Is this the truth about angels? Angels stand in line to come to earth and don’t want to return; hence the message that living in this fallen world is superior to being in God’s presence.

Revelations 5: 11-12, tells us how the angels worship and glorify God – not earth or earthly life.

No, the truth about angels is they don’t prefer earth.

Michael, the Irreverant Angel
The truth about angels who are irreverent

Irreverent, this angel smokes, gambles, drinks too much, and revels in all the vices we are to avoid. Why does he behave in this manner? Well, there are twenty-six earthly vacations allotted to each “higher-up” angel, and Michael decides this last visit will be a fun time, because, of course, sin is fun!

No, the truth about angels is that they do God’s bidding (Psalm 103: 20) and are here to serve. (Hebrews 1:14) Angels don’t live immoral human lives while doing God’s will. Furthermore, there are no visit limitations; they come to earth whenever God sends them. Moreover, they don’t disrespect God by behaving irreverently.


This article could go one for hours describing the different ways angels are portrayed inaccurately in the movies. Here is a quick “wrap up” list of how the truth about angels is skewed by the entertainment industry.


  • are not inept
  • do not disrespect God
  • don’t long for earthly life (they are acutely aware of our fallen state)
  • however, are curious about our salvation and God’s love for us (1 Peter 1:12)
  • don’t live immoral human lives while on earth
  • are created beings (Col. 1:16)
  • are not to be worshipped (Col. 2:18)
  • don’t marry (Matthew 22: 29-30)
  • never were, nor ever will be human (Psalm 8:5 and 1 Corinthians 6:3)

In reality, the truth about angels is even more exciting and intriguing than Hollywood’s betrayal of these supernatural beings. If you don’t believe me then check out my blog posts: Angels: Do You Believe? and Christmas Miracle?

The truth about angels and Christmas

Angels played a significant part in Jesus’ birth. It’s probably the angels we know the most about because we hear the Christmas story every year.

Angel Gabriel told Zechariah that he and Elizabeth would have a child in their old age. This child’s purpose was to point to and prepare people for the coming Messiah. (Luke 1: 11-25)

Gabriel also alerted Mary that she would bring the Messiah into our fallen world. (Luke 1: 26-38)

An angel came to Joseph in a dream to confirm that Mary was faithful and that the child she was expecting was the Messiah. (Matthew 1: 20-25)

Angels announced Jesus’ birth to the shepherds. (Luke 2:8-10)

Again an angel came to Joseph in a dream to tell him to take Jesus to Egypt, therefore escaping death by Herod’s order. (Matthew 2: 13-17)

Yes, angels played a large role in the Christmas story. It also enlightens us on the importance of these God-created beings.


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