Bored with prayer

Bored with prayer?

This is a question most of us don’t want to answer!

However, whether its boredom or a slump; it’s time to click refresh on prayer. Read on for some unique and fresh ideas. Furthermore, to take your prayer life from bored to rejuvenated; check out a free offer at the end of this post.


Speaking to the deity, who listens and responds to our human concerns with patience and love is a privilege beyond any other in this world.

However, when I talk to women about spiritual struggles, prayer is always at the top of the list – it is for me too.

Many women indicate they don’t know how to pray or that their prayers aren’t effective. We all know those statements aren’t reality. It’s impossible to pray incorrectly; furthermore, God hears and responds to all heartfelt prayers.

Although we don’t admit it, I suspect boredom is a problem for most of us, at least, some of the time. Unquestionably, that is our fault and not God’s.


Our relationships with family and friends are multi-faceted, but not so much with our Lord. For most of us, there isn’t much variety in how we relate to God. It’s easy to be bored with the same routine day after day.

After all, if we stop communicating with a friend, the friendship dies. If we don’t keep the spark in our marriage, the relationship becomes dry and lifeless. It stands to reason when we don’t take steps to refresh our relationship with God, boredom occurs.


Bored with Prayer No More 



Prayer is not a blueprint to follow religiously.

There is a multitude of ways to spend time with God, and you’ll find twenty of them in my free offer below.

You don’t always have to talk!

Isn’t quietness comfortable with your spouse or best friend? Being able to sit in silence with another person indicates a deep and abiding relationship.

Recognize the simplicity of prayer

Just like the minimalist movement encourages followers to forgo materialism for a simpler life, we need to get rid of the complex formulas, flowery words, and long-winded soliloquies.

Focus on quality rather than quantity.

Distracted listeners; don’t you hate it? After all, your pontificating is profound and requires the full attention of the listener.

When you are talking to the Creator of the Universe, rid yourself of distractions and clutter; additionally, concern yourself with how well rather than how long.

Stop building a prayer life; instead seek a life with God.

Friendships grow organically. We look forward to sharing our lives and spending time together. Do the same with Jesus; chat about your plans, dreams, and how your day is going. Don’t be rigid; make prayer a normal conversation.

Moreover, don’t forget fun and laughter! Can you imagine any other relationship without these elements?


Unfortunately, when bored with a person or activity, we tend to avoid them, which can lead to prayerlessness. Don’t undermine your most important relationship by cutting off communication!

Instead, enhance your time with God by trying some, or all, of the ideas, described in my new e-book, Twenty-One Ways to Jumpstart Your Prayer Life. Prayer won’t be boring anymore!

The book is FREE! So what are you waiting for? Click here and then click refresh on prayer! 

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Blessings until next time.